Thursday, September 25, 2008

And to think it was about education

So Joshua goes to Homeschool Academy on Thursdays. It's a day off for me and I've always thought of it as a chance for him to sit through some classes, go to lunch and recess, make some new friends, and learn about some various subjects. Turns out it's really all about the football cards. When I picked him up today and asked how his day went, he responded that it wasn't that great. Why? Apparently, somehow he forgot to take the most important school supply - his tradable football cards. He has well over 3,000 cards, but always seems to come home from Academy with more. But not today. Today he was just bored. I could probably buy a whole lot of football cards with what I pay in tuition, but even though it's apparently not about the academics for him, it is still a day off for me. And in all honesty, that's probably the real reason he goes.

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