Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Would this constitute an "emergency"????

When Joshua went to swim camp in Austin, Texas a few weeks ago and called me in a panic due to having had around $50 stolen from him room. Since he was flying, I had sent him with extra "emergency" money for the flights. He had not had to use any of that, so I told him to go ahead and spend what he had during the week and that I would get some money to him for the last day and flight home.

I checked into overnighting some money, but it would have cost me around $30 to send $20 to him, so I wasn't really big on that option. I talked to some friends whose child was also at camp. They were driving to pick their daughter up and would arrive on Thursday night before camp concluded on Friday. I called my mom and had her take some cash over to them before they left and when they arrived they found Joshua and gave him the money before he left for the airport. I wasn't really worried about him needing a lot of money on his flight, but he did have a layover in Dallas and you just never know what might happen when traveling and I didn't want him left with no money and no options. So I felt better knowing that he wasn't traveling broke.

Having wiped that from my list of anxieties, I didn't even think to ask him about it when he got home. However, several days later, I asked if he spent the money in the airport or if he still had it. He responded that he had a couple of dollars left, but had an "emergency" in Dallas and had to make a purchase.

This is what he bought:

It kind of reminded me of my early college years, back before everybody had a cell phone and my mom bought me one for emergencies only. I know I used the phone quite a bit and I'm pretty sure there was never an actual emergency. But I guess when you are 13, the NFL Special Edition Fantasy Football magazine is pretty urgent!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Last Week's Quotes

From the guy with two kids - "My son is really good looking, and my daughter is, well, uh, you know, she's real smart."

Me: - "I'm sorry we can't go out, but we have to be quarantined due to Joshua having the swine flu."

One of the guys: "Ain't you guys ever heard of Halls or Vicks 44? Those'll take care of it."

The porn king: "Now see, I'm not one of those guys who looks at porn just for the fun of it. I have other reasons."
(like.... are you working with the FBI or something we don't know about??)

or how about this one: "Did you know if you shower a lot, your hair grows faster?"

And finally, after the house had been completely torn up, one of the guys pops up with, "I think he may need a few more pills." Uh, yeah, you think???

Monday, July 13, 2009

Have You Hugged Your Kid Today?

Because I guess we didn't have quite enough going on, you know, living in a group home and all, Joshua came home sick from swim camp. His plane arrived on Friday evening and he was really tired. I totally was expecting him to be tired though. He'd been away from home almost three weeks and swim camp is intensive. He also had a cough, which concerned me a bit, but I wasn't too worried.

However, on Sunday night when he said his head was banging and he was dizzy and thought he was going to pass out, I got a little worried. Lowell took him to see a doctor the next morning. Joshua called me from the doctor's office and said, "Mom they think I have swine flu." I immediately responded with, "Oh they do not! What are they really saying?" When Lowell got on the phone and confirmed that this was not some sick joke, I could hardly believe it. Really??? Swine flu?? Really??

When Joshua arrived home, he was feeling really silly wearing a mask, which he was told he had to wear if he went out in public. Needless to say, he chose to stay home rather than wear the mask out again. I do so wish I had gotten a picture when I had the chance.

So, doing what we felt was the right thing, we notified our supervisor and were quickly informed that the whole house was quarantined. This meant we couldn't go out at all, not to the grocery store, not to get the daily pop from the Quik Trip, not to go to the afternoon workshop that one of our guys lives for, etc. Not out at all. This also meant nobody came in. So we were on our own with no additional staff in a house infected with swine flu and with three guys who weren't sick and therefore did not understand why they were stuck at home. It only took about a day for us to second guess ourselves and wonder why we didn't just keep the news to ourselves and go on about business as usual. It was a rough week!!

But my favorite part of the week was when the lady from the Health Department called and asked about a zillion questions about where Joshua had been, what he had done, and then many more questions about our health and travels. I laughed out loud when I heard Lowell responding to the question of whether he has been around any animals. Lowell's response - He catches snakes a lot and apparently caught a bunch of crawdads in the creek in North Carolina.

But my favorite series of questions had to be: "Have you shared a meal at the same table as him?", "Have you had contact with his laundry?" and the best, "Have you hugged him?" I mean are there really people out there who say, "Well goodness no, he's got the swine flu, so we locked him in his room and are sliding food under the door! Haven't touched him or his laundry!"

Lowell answered "yes" to each of the crazy questions. He didn't mention that not only have we hugged Joshua, but that I've slept in the same room as him just to be sure he is breathing okay at night.

Joshua is feeling better and hopefully this week we will be able to get back to what we consider normal. But I know I will laugh any time I see one of those "Have you hugged your child today?" bumper stickers.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

They Call It a Boxer's Fracture

But apparently you don't have to be boxing to get it. The frustrating thing about the outburst a couple of weeks ago is that he has really been doing sooo well. And we really aren't sure what happened. We do know he doesn't like change, and we do have a new roommate, two new weekend staff, we are getting a new house, his day staff at the workshop is leaving, our supervisor resigned, and Joshua was out of town for three weeks. I guess not being able to verbalize his anxiety over all this built up and he just let it out in the form of tearing up the house.

Everything was going along as usual, until he popped up out of his chair and tossed the television. (Never a good sign of things to come!) He was fighting all of us and completely unable to see reason. I'm sure there would have been some excellent video footage had someone had a camera, as Lowell, our day staff, and I circled the room trying to protect him and ourselves. At some point in all this he tried to kick me and I put up a hand to stop him. So technically maybe it was my fault. (I do have a certain family member - who is a little bit crazy - who used to accuse another family member of hitting her if he put up an arm to block her hits and she happened to get a bruise, but that's a whole other story.) Anyway, as I tried to block the kick, I heard my little pinky finger pop about four times. I also felt something odd happen.

After he settled down and our supervisor arrived, I made my way to Prompt Care, where I was told it looks like a Boxer's Fracture. All I could think was "could there be a more appropriate name for it, except maybe 'crazy guy came after you and kicked at you fracture'?"

When I got home with my fingers all taped together, he looked at me and said, "What happened to your finger lady?" I said, "Why don't you tell me?" To which he quickly responded, "Oh, yeah, you hit me." I had to turn and walk away.

Later, as our day staff was taking him out, I am told he was in the van blowing me kisses saying "Love you Header, miss you!" I can honestly say I wasn't really feeling the love, and didn't miss him too terribly much.

Anyway, now that explains why no blogs the last couple of weeks. Not easy to type when your fingers are all taped together. Finger is healing though so hopefully I can soon get all caught up on how things got crazier as the week went on.