Saturday, July 11, 2009

They Call It a Boxer's Fracture

But apparently you don't have to be boxing to get it. The frustrating thing about the outburst a couple of weeks ago is that he has really been doing sooo well. And we really aren't sure what happened. We do know he doesn't like change, and we do have a new roommate, two new weekend staff, we are getting a new house, his day staff at the workshop is leaving, our supervisor resigned, and Joshua was out of town for three weeks. I guess not being able to verbalize his anxiety over all this built up and he just let it out in the form of tearing up the house.

Everything was going along as usual, until he popped up out of his chair and tossed the television. (Never a good sign of things to come!) He was fighting all of us and completely unable to see reason. I'm sure there would have been some excellent video footage had someone had a camera, as Lowell, our day staff, and I circled the room trying to protect him and ourselves. At some point in all this he tried to kick me and I put up a hand to stop him. So technically maybe it was my fault. (I do have a certain family member - who is a little bit crazy - who used to accuse another family member of hitting her if he put up an arm to block her hits and she happened to get a bruise, but that's a whole other story.) Anyway, as I tried to block the kick, I heard my little pinky finger pop about four times. I also felt something odd happen.

After he settled down and our supervisor arrived, I made my way to Prompt Care, where I was told it looks like a Boxer's Fracture. All I could think was "could there be a more appropriate name for it, except maybe 'crazy guy came after you and kicked at you fracture'?"

When I got home with my fingers all taped together, he looked at me and said, "What happened to your finger lady?" I said, "Why don't you tell me?" To which he quickly responded, "Oh, yeah, you hit me." I had to turn and walk away.

Later, as our day staff was taking him out, I am told he was in the van blowing me kisses saying "Love you Header, miss you!" I can honestly say I wasn't really feeling the love, and didn't miss him too terribly much.

Anyway, now that explains why no blogs the last couple of weeks. Not easy to type when your fingers are all taped together. Finger is healing though so hopefully I can soon get all caught up on how things got crazier as the week went on.

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Kristi said...

I had the same fracture last year. At least your story is better than mine. I broke mine mopping my kitchen floor....true story. You know, I have a tendency to be extremley graceful. Hope things are about to get slightly more "normal" in your life. I love keeping up with you on FB and such.