Sunday, October 19, 2008

You Break It, You... apologize and hope for the best?

Over Labor Day weekend, we love to go to Family Camp at Ozark Conference Center in Solgohachia, Arkansas. Last year at camp, Joshua was playing outside and threw a football, which hit and shattered a window. And it was not just any window. It was a double-paned, 8 foot by 4 foot BIG window. Joshua owned up to doing it and was planning on paying for the replacement, but the staff there was wonderful and we were able to take care of it through insurance. It's still kind of a joke whenever they see Joshua coming though.

So Saturday night, Joshua had cotillion. The children had to dress up as an "advertisement" or character from a commercial. Joshua went as the Burger King King. After cotillion, the kids and parents all went to the home of another family for dinner and swimming. Immediately upon arrival, Joshua (Burger King man) walks right into the storm door. It was funny at first, until we noticed metal parts beginning to fall and the glass shifting in a very alarming way. Luckily, the glass didn't break and nobody was injured, but the glass did completely fall out of the door. (Never have I seen anything like it.) He was absolutely mortified. I was very proud that he went to find the homeowners and apologized and said he would do whatever it took to fix the door. They were very gracious and told him not to worry about it.

He felt better but was embarrassed and wanted to go home immediately. I told him that he needed to face it and that I knew he would have fun if he just stayed and got through the initial jabs from his friends. Although he was very upset, his wit and charm came through as he said that the door was so clean and clear, he just didn't see it. Then he added, maybe next year, I'll go to cotillion as a bottle of Windex. He makes me laugh.

We also laughed later as we were saying bedtime prayers and Lowell prayed that God would protect Joshua around large pieces of glass. Hopefully, this will be the last glass incident for the poor child.

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