Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

I can hardly believe it, but it's true. Joshua is 13 today! Unlike most kids, he does not want to be a teenager. He's worried he is going to change all of a sudden and hate his parents. He is also worried about having one of those dumb looking pseudo-mustaches that some teenage boys think look cool. We have done our best to assure him that although those pesky hormones will kick in soon, it doesn't mean anything has to change. He will always always be my baby boy, no matter how old he is.

And although I will certainly miss some aspects of his younger years, there is absolutely no denying how much I truly enjoy watching him grow up. He is a most amazing young man. I know I am biased because I am his mom and all, but I have the great pleasure of often hearing how much others enjoy him too.

He makes me laugh. He soooo has my sense of humor. We just "get" each other. He loves others and loves them well. He is so exceptionally wonderful with the guys we live with. He is often better at teaching them than either Lowell or I are. He is respectful, kind, well-mannered and protective of those who need protecting. He understands when to stand up for injustice and he knows when to let unfairness pass.

Joshua handled our move better than either Lowell or I did. He's fun because he is, in so many ways, still just a little boy, but in so many others, he is wise beyond belief. On the days when we are most frustrated with the job or living in Kansas, he has provided us insight into some reasons things might be the way they are and he (generally) stays positive about it all. He is introducing us to our new community in wonderful ways. (How do people without kids ever meet anybody??)

I love doing school with him and watching him learn new things. (There are also many days when I think about driving him over and dropping him off at the closest public school I can find, because he is pushing all my buttons and making me crazy!)

And now he is thirteen years old. Wow! How time flies (whether you are having fun or not)!

I absolutely have no greater joy in this life than being his mom. But as he gets older, I am finding that being his friend is pretty amazing too!

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momto5minnies said...

Happy Birthday JOSHUA!!!!
Of course you know your boy better than most, but from this outsider, he looks pretty darn special.

I remember not wanting to grow up. Change is hard to deal with for me, but Joshua seems to be handling change well (with your move). I love reading how helpful and big-hearted he is. That isn't always typical 13 year old boy, but then most of us don't want "typical".

Josh has a great mommy and teacher. He will keep going in the right direction ...