Monday, August 24, 2009

Who Responds to Pop-Up Ads?

We do, we do!!!! Well, not really us, but one of the guys here. He recently got a computer and an internet connection. (Not our idea, but we really can't argue with what the guardians want and are willing to pay for.)

A month or so ago, the new computer guru comes downstairs with great news. "Guess what?" he says, "I am going to ITT Technical College!" Having MANY other things on my mind as we were in the midst of a move, hence no blogging for several weeks, I simply replied, "Well that's great. I am so happy for you." And I continued about my business. He didn't want to let it drop though. He very excitedly told me that he was on the internet and the "coolest thing happened." He was just sitting there and this little box popped up saying that he could go to ITT Tech and he could do it all online. He only had to fill out the form, enter his phone number and a representative would be in contact. Woo hoo, I couldn't wait for the phone to ring.

I didn't have to wait long at all. By the next day the phone was ringing like crazy. It wasn't just ITT Tech on the list, but apparently that little pop-up box goes to every single technical college in the country. (And I mean really, is this the best means to get a strong applicant pool? People who fill out the pop-up box MAY not be the BEST students around, but who am I to judge?) I tried telling the first few who called that this was a mistake and he was not interested in applying, but several called back. And because we reap what we sow, I put him on the phone. Probably needless to say, but after talking to several of the college representatives, he somehow got off of that list. Bye bye Technical Institute of Nebraska.

So I thought the lesson had been learned, but once again, I was wrong. The phone rang several times today. Everybody asked for "Mr. I haven't learned my lesson about filling in the pop-up boxes" so I gave him the phone. When he was out this evening, I answered the phone and asked to take a message. The guy on the other end explained that he was calling from Prepaid Legal Aid and had gotten the number from a "work from home" pop-up that had been filled out. I explained that this guy probably wouldn't be the most viable candidate for his job. He apologized and promised not to call back.

My favorite part of the day though had to be when he comes downstairs and explains that he has taken the phone off the hook because people just keep calling and he can't quite figure out why. We tried to explain that the phone off the hook really isn't fair to the other people in the house, but honestly it's been nice not to hear the incessant ring.

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