Saturday, October 17, 2009

Today was one heckofa day! We started out bright and early for a 7 AM swim-a-thon. This is where Joshua gets sponsors who will sponsor him so much per lap. And then he swims and collects the money for his swim team. Because our life is so insane and we can't seem to get things together, plus because we really don't know anybody around here to ask for money for fundraising, he went and swam with no pledges. That's right. None. So, yes, this is our shameless plea to the grandparents who I know are reading the blog. He swam 200 laps. Feel free to send a check made out to the Lawrence Aquahawks for whatever amount you feel is appropriate. (And really isn't this a more fair way to do it? Better than making you commit BEFORE he swims and you don't know what you are committing to right??)

As soon as we got home from that the phone was ringing. Joshua volunteers once a week out at a farm that our company started that provides horseback riding lessons to the people with disabilities. (They call it a farm, but it's this HUGE indoor arena, and it's really cool.) Joshua does a great job with the farm chores and loves the horses. They're really big and kind of freak me out, but he thinks it's great and the lady who runs the place loves the kid. So anyway, the lady is calling asking if Joshua will come be in the Maple Leaf Festival Parade, with the horses and the farm volunteers. She REALLY wants him to come, so he gets ready and he and Lowell head out to Baldwin City, home of about 3,000 people and the Maple Leaf Festival.

Lowell drops Joshua off at the parade gathering and goes to find a place to park. He calls me no fewer than five times telling me that there is no place in town to park and that at every parking lot he sees, people are charging $5 to park. Of course he only has $3 cash. Maybe he thought I could wire him the extra $2. I guess today is a huge economy booster for the residents of Baldwin City because of all the tourists coming to town for the big festival. (Note the sarcasm here.) He has to park about a mile out of town and then can't remember where the car is when it's all said and done. And of course, he calls me. Like I know where it is???

Anyway, immediately after that was over and the car was found, we had to go to a company picnic out at the farm. And this is a company picnic like no other. I mean, every office party has its share of diversity. But just imagine this: this picnic was for every employee, their families, and all of the persons served. So there was no shortage of head-banging, screaming, hand clapping, back patting, and jumping around like Tigger. And then there were also the people with disabilities. :) To say it was crazy might be putting it lightly.

Then we raced home to get Joshua a shower and get his bag packed for a sleepover. His friends were supposed to be picking him up at the same time we got home. And we were having one of those "front-porch days" at the house. You know the kind where someone knocks on the door and you meet them on the front porch rather than inviting them inside because you are afraid for someone to actually find out that you fold your laundry in the living room and don't put it up right away, etc. So that meant we were rushing full steam ahead to get it all done so Joshua could be waiting in the driveway when they got here. And he was.

So tonight it's relatively quiet in the house. I should have used this time to be productive and then get in bed at a reasonable time, but instead have enjoyed an evening of laziness. And it's been really nice!

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The Davidson Den said...

Ha ha!!! I can just hear Lowell now...calling you..."Heather...!"