Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Crazy Things We Do

Lowell and I were talking last night about some of the things we do around here on a normal basis (maybe I should say "regular" basis, since the things themselves wouldn't be considered "normal.") I thought maybe I'd throw them out here every now and then.

Every night, and I mean EVERY night, one of our guys gets bored and wants to do his laundry. ('Cause it's such a fun activity, right?) Our day staff usually does the laundry during the day when he is at a skills workshop to ensure that it is done (properly). But once she goes home, and he gets home, he wants to do it again. So we take all of the clothes that she has washed and folded and left in the laundry basket for him to put away, and he throws those in the dryer for about half and hour, then takes them out, folds them up, and is so very proud of himself for doing his laundry.

Personally, I CANNOT imagine having the desire to take my folded laundry (that somebody else had done for me) out of the basket and do it all over again. But, that's just one of the crazy things we do around here!

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The Davidson Den said...

Yeah, I totally freak out when I hand my kids a nice, neat stack of folded laundry to put away and they start picking each piece up all haphazardly and then stuffing it into their drawers. I really can't take it. Folding once is bad enough. Folding twice??? Not for me.