Friday, April 22, 2011

Helpful Hints from A Group Home

Remember Heloise? I used to enjoy reading her helpful hints in the newspaper. She always knew how to get that stain out, what ingredient could be a substitute for whatever you are lacking, and how to make your own laundry detergent. And now, I know I am no Heloise, nor am I Martha Stewart, but I've learned some decorating tips and useful household hints throughout my time in a group home. So turn off the HGTV and see what I have to share!

What do you do when you are chopping vegetables and can't find that pesky cutting board anywhere?? It's easy, just open the nearest cabinet, clear the closest shelf of whatever dishes might be residing on it, pull that shelf off of the pegs and Voila, you have a cutting board. How nifty is that??

And what about when those cabinet doors seem to always be in the way. You just despise having to open one anytime you need to get something from the cabinet (a cutting board, maybe). Did you know you can just pull really hard on them and they'll pop right off? No need to worry yourself further with the task of opening and closing!

And how many of you have ever wished for new countertops? You visit a friend and they have new granite, someone else has beautiful tile. But you have ugly white laminate and really can't afford to have it replaced. Well do I ever have a solution for you! Grab a Sharpie!! It's amazing what you can do.


Teresa Bond said...

You are awesome, Heather! However, I don't want you anywhere near when I am redecorating! :) Miss you!

Kristi said...

Thank goodness you blogged. I always have such a hard time finding my cutting board. Now I have an ingenious solution!

The Davidson Den said...

Oh, dear. Makes me thankful for the dry-erase marker kept within the "confines" of a couple carpeted steps.