Thursday, March 12, 2009

At least the smoke alarms didn't go off...

On tonight's menu from our garlic chef:

Homemade guacamole and Pan-Fried Tortilla Chips

Yes, I think it was about as tasty as it sounds. Too bad, for varying reasons, there were ingredients in each item that we could not eat. He did bring me a forkful of the "guacamole" - unfortunately I don't eat avocados. Wink-wink...

I came back over and was folding some laundry when a new smell entered our living room. This wasn't garlic. It was burning. I immediately hopped up and rushed over trying to find him through the fog of smoke. He was opening windows and fanning the front door trying to alleviate some of the smoke and the smell. He assured me that the chips turned out just as planned and then he offered me one. I didn't even feel obligated to make up an excuse as to why I wouldn't eat that. I just told him "no" flat out.

I took him a bag of store-bought tortilla chips and, keeping his pride in play, turned me down because his were "just like he likes them." I left the chips there, just in case he changed his mind when I turned my back.

I tried to take a photo with my phone without being too conspicuous about it, thus the poor photo quality. But you can definitely see that the chip is totally black.

As I was walking out, he says, "hey, at least the smoke alarms didn't go off." Uh yeah, I'm thinking it might be time to think about replacing some batteries...

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