Saturday, March 28, 2009

Never a Dull Moment

It's been a crazy fun week of company! My mom came to town on Sunday (and brought Joshua back - who had been visiting family and friends in Arkansas). We hung out together on Monday waiting for my sister-in-law, Molly and her kids, Ben, Emily, and Katie. Mom wasn't really comfortable driving to the airport in a new town (even though I also didn't know where the airport was), and the car wasn't big enough for all of us to go and bring all of them back, so I decided that Joshua and I would go pick them up and mom would hang out at the house. She was cooking and cleaning and watching a little HGTV (her favorite).

The guys next door have been doing really well, so we didn't really hesitate to leave Lowell there alone with them. I think maybe there is a sixth sense that they have that let's them know exactly when to get crazy. Because that is just what happened.

We are in the car on the way back from the airport when Lowell calls and says, "I think you need to call somebody to help me." To make a long story short, Lowell took one of the guys out for a drive around, the guy got upset (over what we aren't really sure) and so Lowell brought him home. When they turned in the driveway, the rearview mirror was immediately pulled off and thrown out the door. (It's true the the mirror is always the first to go). Now, of course we would have expected him to go inside, push the tv off the stand, rip off the thermostat, and break the phone and remote control. But he was in a more spontaneous mood I guess, so he proceeded to chase Lowell around the house. Oh how I wish I had been home to see two forty-something year old men chasing one another around the house. Lowell felt confident he could outrun him, so he wasn't worried about getting caught, and eventually, the guy did get tired and went inside. Lowell stayed outside until some support arrived. By the time I got home, all was calm and you'd never know there was an incident (besides the missing rearview mirror).

Now although all of that is so very funny to me, the part that really made me laugh was that my mom was in the house the whole time and never knew anything was going on. HGTV must have had some good programming on if it beat out the reality going on outside!

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