Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Well, I went to IHOP yesterday

Finally, we are getting our third person tomorrow. Paperwork is signed and in hand and discharge is planned so it really should happen. Earlier this week, Lowell and I went to the rehab facility to meet him and take him some pictures of us, the house and his two new roommates. We were both pleasantly surprised with his level of functioning, even though he definitely has several noticeable deficits. The majority of the time, even though he often had to search for his words, the conversation was fairly normal for people first meeting. But it had its moments. Excuse the dialog, but I think you best get the picture this way.

Us: Hey there, we wanted to come meet you and introduce ourselves to you. We are Lowell and Heather and we will be living with you when you move, hopefully later this week.
Him: Yeah, they told me I will be moving soon.
Us: Well, we brought you some pictures so you can get an idea of your new home.
Him: It looks like a nice place and you seem like nice people, know what I mean?
Us: Yes, we are (just kidding). Yeah, it's a nice home. We came by yesterday to see you, but you were out with your brother. Tell us a little about you.
Him: I went out with my brother yesterday. We went to IHOP. He has a good job and makes $18 an hour. I have two kids.
Us: Tell us about your kids. How old are they?
Him: I don't know how old they are, know what I mean? They are in school, except they are not in school now.
Us: Oh yeah, so they are school age, but out for the summer?
Him: My brother came to pick me up yesterday and we went to IHOP. He has a good job and makes $18 an hour.
Us: Oh, so you like IHOP? What's your favorite food?
Him: They make the food here and serve it to us, know what I mean?
Us: Yeah, here in the cafeteria. But if you get to choose, what is the thing you like most to eat?
Him: Well they just bring it to you and you eat whatever you get. I have three brothers. My brother John came yesterday. We went to IHOP.
Us: Yeah, okay. So tell us more about yourself.
Him: I was in the army for two years and attended college for two years. I speak Spanish and English. It's good to speak two languages because it can really help you get a better job.

At this point, we are going, "wow, really lucid moment!" And then, of course, he says: "I went to IHOP with my brother yesterday. He has a great job and makes about $18 an hour."

I won't bore with further details of the conversation. Just know we heard, "know what I mean" and "went to IHOP" a lot in that one hour. We go pick him up at 9 in the morning. There is an IHOP right around the corner from the house. But I'm thinking we shouldn't go there for breakfast or probably even drive by it any time in the near future.

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alexandria Davis said...

Hi there! I love reading your blog. Please tell that Army veteran thank you for your service for me.