Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our Secret's Out

We were to have an inspection today, so we've spent the last couple of days cleaning house. As you may remember from previous posts, the gentleman who lives upstairs next door is not the cleanest, neatest person we've ever met. We usually just let him be since he has the upstairs to himself. Occasionally Lowell will go clean the hall area and bathroom, since technically, he isn't paying rent for those areas. We rarely, if ever, enter his room. Whatever you are imagining, I promise it's worse. It's truly that bad.

So on Tuesday of this week, we told him that he needed to get it semi-clean for the inspection. And by this we simply meant no dirty dishes and no trash in the room. We explained that if it wasn't clean by the time he went to work on Wednesday, that we would go in his room and take care of those two tasks.

After filling the dishwasher with dirty dishes (GROSS, huh?) and two bags of trash, we were done. When he came home, he noticed it had been cleaned but he thanked us and surprisingly didn't get upset that we had been in his room.

However, he comes downstairs tonight and claims some items are missing from his room. We asked what and he replies, "Some CDs and DVDs." He says he is certain that he had them last week and noticed tonight that they are gone. He states he is not blaming us, BUT, we were the last ones in his room. So we ask for specifics on what he thinks is missing. He says, "some personal DVDs" (I was scared to ask for more there) and "some of my Eminem CDs."

Oh yeah, of course, those. Guess we can't hide it any longer. Lowell and I are closet Eminem fans and now the secret is out.

One would think he'd have figured out that we really weren't the culprits when we initially misunderstood and thought he was accusing us of taking his M&Ms!


momto5minnies said...

I know I saw you rockin' out ;)

The Davidson Den said...

*Gasp* I KNEW it!!!