Monday, December 7, 2009

It Was Backwards Day!

Sorry for being so neglectful of the blog. It's MOST CERTAINLY not for lack of excitement around here, let me tell ya!

Anyway, we'll start off with Backwards Day. Remember as a small child when the answer was yes and you said no, or I wish it would rain, when you really wanted it to be sunny? When somebody questioned you, you laughed and responded, "It's Backwards Day!" Yes it was stupid, but I had a real life backwards day a couple of weeks ago.

Joshua is a HUGE Pittsburgh Steelers fan. His bathroom is completely Steelered out and he has about 1,000 (no exaggeration) Steelers football cards. When we decided to move, we got him excited about the move by telling him that it should be a year for the Steelers to play the Chiefs in Kansas City. And it was. On November 20, Pittsburgh came to town.

Some good friends of ours from Arkansas also came up for the weekend and we met up with them at Arrowhead Stadium for the big game. Now, for any non-football people that may be reading this, Pittsburgh won the Super Bowl last year. And Kansas City, well they did not. As a matter of fact, the Chiefs haven't won a Super Bowl since 1970! That's before I was born people! So needless to say, it was more than an expectation that the team from the Steel City would win this one without even trying. But did I mention that it was backwards day? And somewhere in that game, everything went wrong and we lost in overtime. (I say "we" like me and my family were on that field. Maybe we weren't but our hearts sure were.)

So we joined with our friends to eat dinner out. It's Saturday night in downtown Kansas City and we can't find a restaurant to save our lives. Seriously, every place we went closed "5 minutes ago." It started to get old. We ended up at Famous Daves. They were glad to have us, but they didn't have any food. Yes, once again - a restaurant with no food - how backward is that?? Okay, they had a little food, but the list of "what we are out of" seemed to go on and on.

And then things really got crazy. We went back with them to their hotel. This was not just any hole-in-the-wall place. It was the Westin Crown Center. And all we saw were bulldogs. Yep, bulldogs everywhere. It was a bulldog convention. Not even lying about that. There was a Saran Wrap type material all over the floors that was just weird. But one bulldog owner was quick to exclaim that we would understand the need for that if we "had ever seen a bulldog poop!" Yeah, okay. We just walked away from that one. Our friend did get christened with a bulldog "shake and slobber" as she was waiting to get on an elevator. Uh GROSS! Her husband was quick to point out the fact that you could have a Bulldog Owners Convention and it would still bring in the same amount of money and with no mess! He pointed out that the owners could even tell the dogs that they went to the convention and had a good time and they wouldn't know the difference. Why? Because they are DOGS for goodness sake. What happened to "no pets allowed?" I guess on Backwards Day, everything was just gone to the dogs...

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The Davidson Den said...

Sorry 'bout the game, but at least you had fun looking for a restaurant...right? ;) That's crazy there was a dog convention at a Westin! I've only recently become aware of that hotel chain, and they are SUPER nice!