Wednesday, December 30, 2009

There's a Dead Bird on the Porch

We recently traveled back home to Arkansas for a week to visit family and friends for the holidays. While there, Joshua had the opportunity to go duck hunting. He had never been and was oh, so excited. He (and of course, me, his alarm clock) got up at the ridiculous hour of 3 AM in order to be out there before the sun came up. Personally, I think it's crazy to do anything at all at 3 AM, but whatever. I was back in bed and asleep before they pulled out of the driveway.

My mom was planning on having a whole slew of family over to celebrate Christmas later that night so I was in the kitchen helping her get ready (or maybe I was just sitting there keeping her company while she was getting ready...). Joshua and Pop (mom's new husband) were due back soon and Lowell was enjoying being in a house with NFL Network.

As mom and I are chatting we hear this loud bang and are startled. I realized that a bird had flown into the window and fallen onto the deck. It was a very pretty bird and I was kind of panicking about the fact that there is a dead bird on the deck and there were about to be 20 people in the house for Christmas dinner and what on earth were we going to do about the dead bird?!?!?! As we are debating this, we noticed the dead bird seems to be breathing, so we cross our fingers and wait, and sure enough, the dead bird moved, and then finally flew away. As we are being thankful that there are no dead birds on the porch, Joshua and Pop came home. Joshua jumped out of the vehicle and this is what I saw:

Then, not only was my kid holding two dead ducks, there were about twelve just dumped in the yard:

And then they began to clean them:

And to think I was worried about one poor little dead bird on the porch and what the company would think!

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