Friday, April 17, 2009

Job Interview Tip #2

Always Be Totally Honest

When we were answering questions about job history and preferences on Monday, it certainly got interesting.

She began by asking him very basic questions about his history and education. When she got to "Could you pass a drug test?" the answer was "oh yeah, I never have taken drugs." Well the very next question was, "Are you on parole?" And the answer was easy, no he's not on parole. Okay yeah, stop there... but no, we go on with, "I've never been on parole and the only thing that I think is on my record is when I was underage." At this point, the lady interrupts and says, "Well if you were underage, then it won't show up, so we needn't worry about it." But I guess he wanted to tell the story anyway because he interrupted her with, "See, when I was younger and was on drugs..." Yeah, so much for the never have taken any drugs. We did manage to get the subject changed before he continued on.

Later in the interview, she says, "I see elopement has been a problem in the past. But not presently right?" Uh, well, yeah he is presently right here with us, and yesterday was technically in the past right, so yeah it's definitely a past behavior.

Once all those technicalities were taken care of we got to actual job possibilities. She says, "So, are there any jobs which you know you don't want to do?" He thinks about it for a minute and responds, "Yeah, I know I don't want to be a male stripper." We were all kind of taken aback by this statement, until the lady says very naively, "You mean like stripping floors?" We were just as taken aback by that statement. Uh, no, he means like dancing around a pole.

I guess she finally got a completely honest answer, even if it wasn't quite what she was looking for.

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