Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We're Not in the Bible Belt Anymore

The first Sunday we were here in Kansas, we visited a local church and went out to lunch afterward. We didn't know really where many restaurants were and we live close to On The Border, so we went there. We walked in, said we had three in our party, and were immediately seated. We saw other diners at five or six tables but the rest of the restaurant was virtually empty. We all three noticed and commented on how odd it was that on Sunday after church we could just walk into a restaurant and not have to wait for a table. It was when one of us mentioned how in Arkansas we would have had to wait at least half an hour at On The Border after church on Sunday that the reason struck us. We aren't in the Bible Belt anymore. Nobody goes to lunch after church, because nobody goes to church. (And yes, that is an exaggeration. Of course there are churches and people in them, it's just way different here.)

And then tonight, Lowell and I were watching the news. And by the way, we cannot find a decent weatherman in this town. I think I would do a better job. It's like they look out the window and see it's raining and then say, "Looks like rain today. Take an umbrella!" So honestly, we are relying more on the weather channel for our predictions and watching very little local news. But tonight it was on for some reason and we were catching bits and pieces. Lowell and I both were startled though when we heard the weatherman say, "Looks like rain this weekend. The holiday may be in jeopardy."

Hold on, the holiday may be in jeopardy? Well, yeah, this holiday has been in jeopardy for years but it isn't because it might rain. It's because it's about Jesus! And people who don't get Jesus just don't get it. Jesus died. Jesus died a terrible, horrible, awful death. And he did it because He loves ME!!!! And He loves You! And then He was resurrected. He came back to life, so that we may have life. All I can say to that is WOW! I am humbled beyond belief when I think of what my Savior did for me. And on this one Sunday a year, we all get dressed up in new clothes, and go to church, and remember Jesus, and what Easter is about.

Yet we still live in a world where the weatherman says stupid things like "the holiday may be in jeopardy" because it may or may not rain. Tell me that our pretty dresses may get wet, or that we may have to hide the children's eggs indoors instead of outside, but I know that rain, or snow, or a tornado, tsunami, or hurricane doesn't change the fact that Jesus died and rose again, and we celebrate THAT on Easter Sunday.

Jesus overcame death, don't you think he can handle a little rain??

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