Saturday, April 18, 2009

Job Interview Tip #3

Don't Be Afraid to Share Your Fears

When we talked about the services offered by Joblink, we were impressed at the time and the quality of service they provide. Our guy has qualified for 90 hours of time with a job coach. So this coach will help him find a job, choose interview clothing, interview, and assist with training. After the job has begun, they will be a link between him and the employer to ensure communication of expectations is clear. They will assist him with understanding the employee handbook and will even help with transportation to and from the job site if needed.

We asked about the types of training that will be provided and were given a number of different topics. However, when she said, "we also do training on riding the bus in town" there was an immediate passionate response of, "Oh no, I will never ride the bus. Busses get hijacked!!!"

Busses get hijacked??? Really? We all tried our best to convince him that hijacking doesn't occur here. We are in Lawrence, Kansas for pete's sake. But he was not hearing it. Someone mentioned that busses only get hijacked in the movies, and usually in the movies in countries where there are chickens riding on top of said bus.

However, when we pointed out that this only happens in movies, he quickly responded with, "But it happened in 'Speed'!" And not seeing that this was really our point, he continued on about some documentary that he and Lowell had watched where they did research to see if the bus would tip over if all of the passengers got on one side and leaned. (And apparently it doesn't really make any difference whether you do that or not in case you ever happen to be on a hijacked bus).

So even though the Kansas Speedway is a mere 20 minutes away, and it would be easy for the hijacked bus to make it there and speed round and round the track until Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock showed up to save the day, I don't know that we will even try to continue with bus training.

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