Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Wonder What the Record is...

So we've had cause to wonder lately if there is a record for Pay-per-view movies ordered within a certain time frame. And we've wondered about this because we think we just might have beaten it. Well, not us exactly, but here's the story:

Apparently, a few years back, before we moved here, one of our guys got into a little trouble with ordering Pay-Per-View movies. He ended up owing a couple hundred dollars for the movies, but of course he claimed that he didn't understand what he was doing and so all was forgiven, and there was a video on demand block put on his cable box. And that was that.

In August we moved to a new house - bet you can see where this is going - and the block supposedly came with the move. But about a month ago, there was some confusion and programming changes and the cable was out for a few minutes while some cords got switched and a bunch of other technical stuff happened.

About two weeks later, I was driving down the road when the PPV orderer (I think I just made that word up) says, "Oh by the way, when the cable bill comes, there may be a couple of charges on it for some movies I've ordered. Just let me know how much and I'll pay it. Aren't you proud of me for being willing to pay for the movies?" I just agreed that it was great that he was being responsible about his charges and that indeed, I was proud of him. Now, as soon as I got back home, I sure wasted NO time shooting out an email to all involved parties letting them know that something was awry and movies were being ordered. I received an email early the next day letting me know that the block was somehow removed in all the changes but that it was back in place so not to worry.

Well, the bill came this week. He had 15 days where the video on demand was not blocked. He racked up $489.28 in charges. In 15 days! That's around $33 a day. Now, if you do the math and realize that the majority of the movies are $2.99-3.99 each, that comes out to between 9 and 11 movies PER DAY. He is only awake about 15 hours and most movies are at least 2 hours long. How is that even possible?? We did finally realize that if you factor in a couple of "adult" movies at $9.99 a piece, it makes it a little bit more possible, even though it's still just hard to fathom.

So, if anybody needs any movie reviews, let me know. Chances are good whatever movie you are wondering about was watched (or at least ordered) here in that two-week period. In the meantime, I'm gonna see if I can find old Mr. Guinness and talk to him about the new record.

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The Davidson Den said...

Whoa. Sometimes I do not know HOW you do the job that you do. You've got some crazy levels of patience I know nothing of, I tell you that much.