Monday, January 4, 2010

Would You Rather?

Joshua likes to play this silly little game called "Would You Rather." He generally proposes the game during long periods of car travel. He will start out with something like "Would you rather not have a nose or not have ears?" or "Would you rather eat an elephant's trunk or a turtle's shell?" It's annoying and I do not enjoy playing.

But one of our clients played today. He had to be at work at 3 pm and likes to leave by 2:30. He cooked himself a big meal this morning and made quite a mess in the kitchen. I told him at 11 am that he needed to clean the kitchen before he went to work. He came down at 2:30, threw away the trash in the kitchen and then walked out to the van. I told him that he needed to come in and spray down the countertops and then I would take him. This caused quite a stink.

So, would you rather?

Clean this:

Or walk 12 miles in this? Picture it also being 9 degrees Fahrenheit.

Yeah, me too. Guess which one he picked! There may just be a lack of logic and reasoning going on somewhere in his head.