Sunday, January 3, 2010

How to get rid of the snow

We have snow here like I have never experienced. (Well, maybe one time when I was in Colorado for skiing.) It's still about 4 feet high outside our door. Joshua has loved the sledding, but even he is ready for it to go away. This past week, every morning we woke up to find the outside temperature to be in the negatives. (I don't even know how to write that grammatically correct, probably because it's not something you should ever have to say, unless you live at the North Pole or something).

Anyway, Friday night, Lowell braved the snow and ice to go pick up one of our guys from work. On the ride home they were discussing the merits of salt versus sand when it comes to melting away the snow. Lowell pointed out that the transportation department uses mainly salt, so they must have determined that it works best. He was quickly corrected by our own resident expert who argued that sand was clearly the better of the two at removing snow. His argument? "Have you ever seen mounds of snow like this at the beach? No, obviously because of the sand."

Well how do you argue with that???

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The Davidson Den said...

Certainly a valid point. :)