Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's Getting Weirder All The Time!

We have a lady who comes in to work with us Monday through Friday. She can sometimes have an edge about her, but we really like her and completely appreciate the work she does and the relationships she has with the guys. Now that I have said nice things about her, I must say she has the strangest habit of anyone I've ever known.

The other day, I walk in to the persons served side of the home, and I see her sitting on the couch with a box of corn starch in her hand. She is watching television and I sit down with her. During a commercial, I glance over and see that she has this box of starch open, there is a straw stuck down in it and she is sucking it right out of the box.
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If you know me, you know I am going to ask. She proceeds to explain that it's for her nerves and that she has been eating corn starch ever since she quit smoking cigarettes. I am really thinking that this must be some sort of practical joke, but she continues on about the texture and how it feels in her mouth, and that there isn't really a taste. The conversation continues as I learn how Argo used to have the best but they changed the packaging and now it tastes funny. Oh really??? Corn starch tastes funny??? What were they thinking? Now, the great value brand is what she goes for.

Still in some sort of disbelief, I get on the internet and learn that there are many people out there who have corn starch addictions. Mind you, most of them apparently are anemic and have other issues, but they are out there. I told her the next day that Clabbergirl gets rave reviews and that she is not the only one upset about the Argo switch. She tried Clabbergirl and said it was great, except for the packaging. She can't just use a straw and has to eat it with a spoon, which apparently changes the whole dynamics of the thing.

And to think I always thought corn starch was for making gravy - which reminds me I haven't yet blogged about gravy day. Another adventure, another day...


The Davidson Den said...

Oh. What can I say about THIS one!?!!! You are definitely keeping me entertained with all your very frequent, very descriptive posts! Keep 'em coming!! hahahaha

Carly Grace said...

Is she pregnant? Sounds like Pica!

Queen of the Castle said...

She's definitely not pregnant. But that was a good thought Carly!

TeresaB said...

Wow. That is definitely all I can say about this one. Wow.