Friday, February 20, 2009

Stimulating the Economy in Lawrence

I am so excited today because my mom is coming for a visit today. She was supposed to help me move, but plans changed when my grandfather had to have surgery the day after our move. Praise God, he is finally well enough to stay alone, so mom gets to come.

When we first began planning our move to Lawrence, my husband got on the internet to make sure there was a TJ Maxx close by. He knew that would soften the blow for my mom when we told her we were moving 7 hours away. And it did somewhat. We could very literally walk to the local TJ Maxx. But I haven't gone yet. I wanted to save that experience for when mom came, with her checkbook. We'll hit it tomorrow (or quite possibly even tonight!) Her best friend offered to ride up here with her so she wouldn't have to drive alone, but we suspect the real reason is to check out the shopping scene. (And J - you know that you are welcome to come ANY time, with or without my mother. I would be just as happy to go shopping with you!)

Anyway, we are hoping that the action around the house this weekend is low key, so we can get out and hit the town.

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