Monday, February 9, 2009

When the days all run together...

A couple of weeks ago, we took a trip to Kohl's to buy new jeans for one of the guys next door. He purchased about 4 new pairs and headed home. After a shower the next morning, he put on one of the new jeans and hasn't taken them off since. Well, not quite literally. He has taken them off to shower but only if we promise he can put them back on when he is done. And one night, he didn't sleep in them and I was able to wash, dry, and put them back before he woke up. So they have been washed once or maybe twice, but not much, and although they don't look dirty, I know I for one am ready to see him looking a little different. We truly all give a whole-hearted effort each day to convince this guy of all the reasons that different jeans would be a good idea. Since he isn't buying this, we, although we will still try, have given up fighting this particular battle and are focused more on winning the war. I mean really, if he is staying in the van, the tv is staying on the stand, and all the fixtures are staying on the wall, who cares what he is wearing, right???

Anyway, I guess this has caused my days to run together a little because the other day, I was going on and on about how nice Lowell looked and how I really liked the clothes he was wearing. Finally, he asked me if I was serious and when I said "yes" he informed me that they were the same clothes he had worn the day before and just hadn't had an opportunity to shower yet that day. For whatever reason, I liked the outfit so much today yet didn't even notice it yesterday. I guess seeing the "men in my life" wearing the same clothing over and over has made me somewhat numb to wardrobes. It's probably a sign of how crazy my life is that clean clothing has quickly become one of the little unimportant things.

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