Thursday, February 12, 2009

Today I felt grounded

I remember being grounded when I was a child (even though it was a rare thing since I was so well-behaved, as I'm sure my parents would attest to.)

Well, today brought those memories rushing back. If you have read the previous post, then you know the tv is no more. ILO is still top of the line in my book though. As many times as that thing was thrown on the floor, it literally took cracking the back open and pulling the cable out for it to no longer function. When the morning schedule consists of "All in the Family", "Sanford and Son", "The Jeffersons", and "Good Times" (ain't we lucky we got 'em) and then all of a sudden the morning schedule is, well, nothing, it's hard on all of us.

I suggested we cook a big breakfast, which would mean lots of time in the kitchen. He chose microwavable sausage biscuits, which take a whole 30 seconds to cook. I suggested cleaning his room. He insisted it was clean. I suggested taking a shower. He informed me in no uncertain terms that a shower was not in the plans. Oh how I longed for Fred Sanford!!! (And that's certainly a phrase I never thought I would say...)

So not only are we all bored to tears, we are also walking on eggshells waiting for a blow-up since there is nothing he wants to do. Finally it was time for him to go to work. Noon is a happy time around here.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for natural consequences. However, after today, I am also all for rushing out tomorrow and purchasing a new television.

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